Your ability to earn an income is your most valuable asset!
If you become disabled where is your income going to come from? You need to ask yourself the following:

RRSP and personal Savings
Did you know that if you saved five percent of your income each year, it’s possible that you could wipe out 10 years of savings in just 6 months? Will withdrawals from your savings affect your retirement savings?

Loans and credit
How long can you borrow from family and friends? Most banks are reluctant to lend money to someone without an income and if they did could you afford the high interest payments when you dont have an income?

Spousal income
Can you sustain your current standard of living on one income alone? Would the financial stress strain your relationships at a time when you need those relationships the most?

Sale of assets
What would be the consequences of selling your home or your assets? Do you think you will recieve enough from the sale of your assets to provide enough for the duration of your disabilty?

Consider some of the Advantages of having your own disability policy:

1. Tax Advantages
Benefits you receive if you become disabled will be tax-free, as long as you paid the insurance premiums with after-tax money.

2. Policy is not tied to your current job
Since you own the policy, you can change employer but still have the coverage you need. If you currently have group disability coverage through your employer, it can be cancelled at anytime depending on your employers budget, and you have no control over it.

3. Income replacement
Most private disability policies will cover upto 2/3rds of your current income, this will help you pay for all the bills and expenses. If you currently have group disability coverage, the monthly benefit will always be lower than if you had your own coverage.

4. Protect your assets
As mentioned above, if you do not have a disability policy in place you may have to sell your assets or even your house to keep going, with this protection in place you don’t have to worry about liquidating your assets

5. Avoid placing financial strain on your loved ones
Avoid placing the financial hardships associated with a loss of income on your family and friends while preserving your assets and retirement savings

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